Sunday ... praise God for reaching people who would not have gone to church; pray for presenters Beryl, Phil and Jennifer, and for the local churches.
Monday ... praise God for our studio and office; pray for Norman and his guest and that one day we can finish our studio complex. Also pray for the Directors and Trustees (Alan, David, Peter, Roy and Norman) and Advisors.
Tuesday ... praise God for office helpers Richard, Norma, Charlotte and John. Pray for presenters David and Laura, Anthony, Roy (devotionals), and Jono.
Wednesday ... praise God for our Bible readings and our 5 a day thank you’s. Pray for presenter Keith, for Peter & Mark (technicals) and for our consultants (Steve).
Thursday ... praise God for the prayers we can broadcast, and the answers. Pray for presenters David and Laura, for Derek and Bob (Bible studies), and for our programme providers (GBS, GNBA, Studio 18 and UCB).
Friday ... praise God for our reliable antenna, safely buried in the woods. Pray for presenters Vic, Norman and Nick and for the Christian musicians whose music we love. Pray for the Planet Sport team and their programmes.
Saturday ... praise God for the equipment that works reliably giving us a day off. Pray for presenters Trevor and Ruth Ann and for Cross Rhythms and Simon (at Powerstation) who provide us with youth focused programmes.

5 REASONS .... we have committed ourselves to broadcasting five thank you's to God each weekday. This is linked to Matt Redman's 10,000 reasons and our vision is continue these thank you's until we reach 10,000 ; i.e.  Easter  2020.      So please e-mail your 5 reasons to us and Nick will broadcast them.